Interacting with Interact

Mallory Buist, Editor

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The Interact Club is a group centered on service within their community made possible by caring high school students.

The club is linked with the Rotary Club that works on not only making their community a great place but their school as well.

The club advisor is Lynley Hogan and the club presidency is made up of Carly Sandoval (President), Jill Hoang (Vice President), Abbigail Graham (Vice President), and Alix Bronas (Vice President).

The Interact Club meets the first Thursday of every month. Anyone can join at anytime. On Club Day, the Interact Club received 120 sign ups, but many more than that showed up at the first meeting. To say that Murray High cares about their community is an understatement!

Interact club helps people gain friendships with those around them and brings all types of people together.

Jill Hoang says her favorite part about Interact is that, “Interact helps unite people.” College applications ask about how those applying served in their community a lot. Being a member of Interact looks great on college application.

The Interact Club has a lot of great service projects planned for this year. In fac,t their first service project was cleaning up the Jordan River Parkway on Nov. 4. Their  first campaign was a Hurricane Relief Fund from November 1st through November 6.

Interact club is a great way to give back to the community. Join today.

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