IT Club

Connor Thomas, Staff Writer

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The IT is a club that does a variety of things with computers.

They learn about micro bits, databases, robotics and  how to program Apple devices. Mrs. Watts is the advisor for the IT club.  She chose to advise this club because she loves working with computers. Mrs. Watts has been the advisor for five years. 

Mrs. Watts loves being the advisor of the IT club.Watts said, “My favorite part of the IT club is the enthusiasm of the students and being able to do things on the computer that we aren’t able to do in class.”

This club isn’t time consuming either. They usually meet only once a week for an hour on Tuesdays.

If you want to join the IT club all you have to do is go to Mrs. Watts and get a paper and have a parent sign it.

Knowing all you can about computers is always a good thing. When Mrs. Watts was asked, why should people join this club she replied by saying, “Joining this club will open doors to you.”

She seemed very confident when she said this. There are very many scholarships that you can get for computer programming.