Geriatric Counter Strike Against Retirement And Stereotypes?

You're never too old to play video games

Nate Brown, Staff Writer

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In Sweden there is an e sports team for the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Or CS:GO for short), where all the members are 60 and over.

The team, named Silver Snipers, is sponsored by Lenovo. The goal of the team is to broaden the audience of gaming in general to senior citizens. Their first tournament was at the DreamHack Digital Festival in Jönköping, Sweden that will took place last December.

With an average age of 71, the team consists of 62 year old Monica “Teen Slayer” Idenfors, 63 year old Wanja “Knitting Knight” Godänge, 81 year old Bertil “Berra-Bang” Englund, 75 year old Öivind “Windy” Toverud, and 75 year old Abbe “BirDie” Drakborg. They are managed by 37 year old Tommy “Potti” Ingemarsson who is a 10 time world champion in the game.

They started practicing the game three weeks before the competition.

Unfortunately, they lost both of their games in the tournament. However, they did win one round of the game. They were also welcomed into the gaming community warmly and positively.

As for 2018, they look to have far more practices and get even better at the game.

While CS:GO might seem like an odd and different game to get people into gaming, Ingemarsson said that he thinks it’s way more straightforward than other games like Overwatch, a team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter, or League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena game. Ingemarsson also mentioned, “I was surprised by the dedication and motivation the group showed at this age to learn more and improve.”

The youngest member of the team Idenfors said that it helps her relax. “I have days when I’m frustrated or anxious, but when I’m gaming it helps.”

She also said that playing the game has helped her develop new strategies for other games like Solitaire and Mahjong. Her husband has also taken an interest in the game and wants to start playing it too. Lenovo even claims that they have had an uptick in seniors who want to join the team.

Loverud, who is the team leader and considered the ultimate team player, has said, “My kids think it’s so cool that people in the food market recognize us and that we have a fan page on Facebook.”

While Idenfors and Godäng get extra satisfaction from doing good at a game that is youth dominant as well as male dominant. Godäng has said, “Monica and I always play on the same team against the men. And we always win.” She also uses the game to relieve anger.

Drakbord has said, “Sharing this experience together is bringing us closer each day.” He also started teaching his daughter how to play what he now considers his favorite game so they can train with each other.

Englund, who competed on the Swedish version of singing competition show Eurovision, has gone on record to say about his experiences in the team. “Our friends of a similar age don’t totally understand what we are doing. But they are cheering for us and think that we are really brave.”

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