The Most Important Meal of the Day: Bookworm Edition

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The Most Important Meal of the Day: Bookworm Edition

Kyler Simmons, Staff Writer

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Breakfast for Bookworms, an all exclusive event for members of the Murray High Book Club, surely does not disappoint. Held once a term, the members brave the early mornings for food, friends, prizes and well, books.

First, members can enjoy food brought by members of our PTA, that is followed by book talks, and it all ends with a drawing for prizes.

“We just stuff our faces, then get prizes,” remarked sophomore Rianna Thacker. There is something to be found for every book lover.

Each breakfast doubles as a book club meeting. Each time the members are assigned a category or theme of book they need to read by the next meeting. The most recent theme was “Overcoming Weakness.”

Members could read any book that deals with a character overcoming their weaknesses. The next theme is “Good vs evil,” and the meeting for that will be held in April.

Every meeting the members are entered into a drawing for prizes. The prizes range from gift cards, to books, to other fun things.

“The prizes are mostly from Barnes and Noble,” says Thacker. “I was kinda jealous that I didn’t get the train,” remarks junior Caleb Black.

Breakfast for Bookworms is a great way for students who love books, and food, to get together and discuss what they are reading. It is a member only event, so for anyone wanting to go, go speak with Mrs. Fidel in the library!

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