Ever Wondered what the Average American Spends on Valentine’s Day?

Madi Lowe, Staff Writer

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Ever wondered how much is coming out of the American wallet on February 14th?

With the chocolates, flowers, movies, and jewelry, the average American spends around $500! Now, you’re probably wondering how that can add up so quickly.

Let’s go over the prices of the typical Valentine’s Day gifts. A dozen roses is $40, a heart-shaped box of chocolates is $15.

Dinner for two at a fine restaurant is around $80, add that bottle of champagne and you spend $50.

And last, those diamond earrings you buy for your sweetheart are around $350.

Once in a while, it’s nice to buy something for your significant other and put some thought into it.

The gift with the lowest price is probably that adorable little teddy bear that is holding a heart, which could be just perfect for many people without going over the top.

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