Just Keep Swimming

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Just Keep Swimming

Sara Shober, Staff Writer

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The swim team had a super successful year.

In fact, under the coaching of Adam Huff, ten out of forty-nine members qualified to participate at the State Championships. Seven boys and three girls made up the ten members going to state.

The boys were Soren Selph, Cooper Greene, Lincoln Yospe, Holden Cheney, Cameron Wright, Eric Thackery, and Kelton Stock.

The girls were Morgan Underwood, Eden Preston, and Oaklee Greenland. Many of these swimmers swam in the same event. Soren swam the 50 and the 100 freestyle. Cooper and Holden swam in the 100  backstroke. Cooper, Morgan, and Oaklee swam in the 200 Individual Medley,and Lincoln swam in the 100 butterfly.

Cameron, Morgan, and Oaklee swam in the 100 breaststroke. Lincoln and Eden swam in the 500 freestyle. Soren Selph swam the fifty freestyle and the one hundred freestyle.

He took 12th  in both events, which scored him some points toward the overall team score. Morgan, in addition, did very well too. She swam in the one hundred breaststroke and ended up taking 13th place. That performance scored her some points as well. 

The swim team as a whole had a 98% improvement on the season.

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