Nate Fetzer Crowned 2018 Prince Charming

Breanna Haro and Madi Lowe, Staff Writers

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On the morning of February 22, senior Nate Fetzer was crowned Murray’s Prince Charming.

The rest of the candidates included seniors Alex Nelson, Isaac Walker, Luke Laidlaw, Nate Fetzer, Nils Larsen, Isaac Green, Isaac Taeoalii, Carter Benson, Zane Price, Soren Selph, Merrick Klingler, and Josh Brousseau.

All of these gentlemen were a pleasure to watch elegantly stride across Murray’s own stage, made famous by The High School Musical Series.

The pageant opened up to a well choreographed dance by Dance Company’s own President and Vice President, Sage Sutcliffe, an Rachel Walkingshaw.

The crowd loved all of the candidates moves and cheered on their favorites as they danced to hip-hop, ballet and even performed a practically flawless kick-line.

The hosts of the pageant were Amy Knox and Ryan Moffett. They kept the crowd going and entertained everyone just as much as the candidates did through the swimwear and talent competitions.  Their witty skits and ad-libbing kept the show rolling.

Speaking of talent, this year’s Prince Charming candidates proved they didn’t just have smooth dance moves or pretty faces. Zane Price, Carter Benson, and Merrick Klinger danced to “Jump On It” while donning construction worker costumes. Nils Larson played the ukelele and sang to “Don’t Worry Be Happy” with original lyrics.

Alex Nelson, dressed in overalls and a wig, played George Michaels “Careless Whisper” on the saxophone, Issac Walker, Josh Brousseau, and Nate Fetzer sang a Beatles classic “I Saw Her Standing There” while playing air guitar.

Issac Green, Soren Selph, and Isaac Taeoalii performed a Haka,  a traditional war cry, war dance, or challenge in Māori culture.

Luke Laidlaw sang a mash-up of several pop songs and played the guitar.

After the talent competition, the candidates were escorted back onto the stage by the women of MAG and the top three contestants were announced.

The final three candidates, Nate Fetzer, Luke Laidlaw, and Isaac Taeoalii, were asked the same final question: “In this day of age, we focus so much on beauty. What does beauty mean to you?”

They all had strong answers, but ultimately a Prince had to be crowned and that was none other than Nate Fetzer. His answer stated that beauty was found in those passionate about what they do.

The judges this year were Lisa Griffin, Danie McKay, Anna Lewis, Haley Binggeli, and Lynley Hogan.

Who will be crowned Prince Charming in 2019?



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