Marco…Water Polo

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Marco…Water Polo

Sara Shober, Staff Writer

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The men’s water polo team is off to a great start this year under the leadership of coach Adam Huff.

However, the girls team is struggling to find a rhythm and get a win. The men’s team won their first three games against Kearns, Wasatch, and Herriman High schools.

The team has 52 members-21 girls and 31 boys.

The top returning players are Cooper Greene, Kelton Stock, Heide Bleizeffer and Morgan Underwood.

Coach Huff said the goal for the season is for “both teams [to] make it to state.”

Every practice is different. Some practices are conditioning, while others are technical. The goal for practices are just to make the team better as a whole.

Water polo is an intense sport because it’s physically demanding, mentally demanding, tiring and requires a ton of focus.

People that don’t fully understand how water polo is played, are encouraged to go support and learn about it. Murray’s water polo team is in the 5A division, which means the other teams we face are going to be tough.

Coach Huff also said, “I’m excited for the season and looking forward to accomplishing the goals.” The water polo teams are looking forward to having a great year.

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