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Murray High’s 2018-2019 SBO’s, MAG, and MOS Officers

Madi Lowe, Writer

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The 2018-2019 SBO’s MAG, and MOS officers are:


  • Alec Anderson
  • Abigail Graham
  • Hunter Riches
  • Tyler Shelton
  • Emily Mills
  • Aryana Apelu
  • Griffin Bitton

Senior Class Officers:

  • Amelia Kessler
  • Ericka Rosen
  • Erick Thackeray
  • Ethan Larson

Junior Class Officers:

  • Abinadi Smith
  • Haley Kimber
  • Riley Shelton
  • Anthony Sanchez

MAG Officers:

  • Maggie Buist
  • Sarah Dudley
  • Emerie Larsen
  • Sydney Livingston

MAG Junior Officers:

  • Delaney Dow
  • Heidi Newman
  • Katelyn Prestwich
  • Katelyn Simmons

MOS Officers:

  • Mason Holman
  • Seth Lockhart
  • Tyler DeMann
  • Cole Lutkin



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