Murray Football Takes Two Big Wins

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Murray Football Takes Two Big Wins

Madi Lowe, Editor

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On August 24th, Murray football took a huge win against Hillcrest. The ending score was 51-3 and you could say that Murray fans were pretty excited.

The game had many exciting and action-packed plays that made the game entertaining to watch. One of the most action-packed plays was by junior Nick Cooper. He received the ball by Hillcrest punter and ran all the way to make a touchdown which led to Murray fans roaring in the stands.

Along with that play, Murray was able to get the ball back into their possession after a Hillcrest player fumbled the ball.

To add to this great win, Murray played Farmington High School on Thursday, August 30th. Farmington is a new school this year, and Murray got the opportunity to play them and also be on the TV station KJZZ!

Farmington stated they wanted to showcase their team against Murray High, but instead, Murray came and took the spotlight with a 34-14 win.

Murray is definitely starting the season off with a bang by winning these games by so many points.

Murray seems to be coming back after their 2 win season from last year and will hopefully stay on this winning streak.

The players this year seem to be motivated and eager to play in the next game.  They have long and hard practices but it looks like it’s paying off.

The Homecoming game is Friday, September 14th against Highland High School.

Be sure to check out the schedule for more of their upcoming games.

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