Mystery Date

Ethan Larsen

Bentley Hansen, Staff Writer

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Murray High erupted when Spartan Vision announced there would  be a mystery date to accompany one lucky Spartan girl to homecoming; no one was certain who the guy was, but many shared their thoughts of who it could’ve been throughout the exciting endeavor.

Ethan Larsen is your average senior trying to make it through his final year of high school before entering the wide world of adult life until he saw the opening for the new, fun idea of being the schools mystery date for homecoming, 2018.

Larsen began to put together his persona with the help of the Murray High Student Body Officers (SBO’s), who originally planned the set-up and the very idea of a mystery date.

The purpose of this mystery date was to bring to light the whole homecoming night but to also get one final girl who wasn’t going to attend the dance to come and enjoy the evening.

“No, it wasn’t hard to hide [being the mystery date] at first,” Larsen comments, although he does explain it got substantially harder to keep himself hidden when the video finally aired.

Larsen also contemplates a major error he committed whilst doing his video performance: taking off his hat and performing his signature hair fix.

Finally, the moment of truth came when Larsen was walked out onto the auditorium floor for the huge homecoming assembly. He was admittedly excited but also nervous because all eyes were on him as he hid inside the fabric only to be dropped in seconds.

Once the lucky girl, London Davis (12), won the game of Kahoot, the crowd exploded with anticipation as the fabric fell around Larsen. He did express very fondly how pretty Davis was and how he felt extremely lucky to have been paired with her.

When asked about the date, Larsen lit up and recalled all the events that took place.

He had taken his Davis to Battleball for the day-time date which he explained was paintball, but instead of actual paint, they were just rubber balls. Afterwards the couple headed to take their pictures and then to a high-class restaurant, Twigs.

After the dance itself, Larsen and his date went to his friend’s house to watch an outdoor movie for the remainder of the amazing night.

“It was a very fun day,” Larsen mused.

One of Larsen’s close friends, Spencer Kauer, had spoken quite confidently on how he wasn’t surprised that he was the mystery date all along, making Larsen laugh.

Larsen also explained that he has always been a very sociable person and, mixed with his adventurous personality, the mystery date wasn’t too out of the norm.

He also expanded on his personal life saying that he believed himself to be quite an intelligent person but informed me, “I’m not at all narcissistic.”

Larsen also has an amazing sense of humor saying that he had told his friends he was going to be at the Fingerlakes during homecoming night, giving himself an alibi. Little did his friends know, the Fingerlakes is a fictional place from the 2016 show The Office, US adaptation.

Meeting Ethan was such an amazing experience which held a lot of laughs and such a welcoming atmosphere.

I can only imagine the amount of laughs he mustered from what he expressed as “the prettiest date out there.”  

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