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The Teacher Who Likes Living the High School Life

Merrick Webb, Staff Writer

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I don’t know a lot of people that would even think about going back to high school. But Mr Bravo, or Joshua Bravo to be exact, was super excited to jump on the opportunity to come to a high school and teach.

Joshua said that he, “Felt it was time for change, never taught in a high school before,”so he decided on Murray High. Bravo, throughout his entire teaching career, has taught at middle schools. Even his student teaching was done at South Hills Middle School, in Riverton Utah.

Another reason that Bravo decided to move to Murray High is due mainly to our school pride. He wanted the sense of unity and pride that a high school had, and Bravo wanted to participate in it as well.

He loves the high school life. That’s why he came to Murray High.

Bravo decided to go into a teaching career when he was going to BYU Idaho. He was taking a lot of different classes, not really knowing where to turn for a job. Eventually he ended up going into  teaching because he enjoyed helping people understand.

He first taught as a Spanish teacher. He learned Spanish a little at home and at school but mainly on his mission where he went to Sinaloa, Mexico. 

Now as for Joshua’s family, he ended up meeting his wife Laura at a college volleyball game. They both attended the same school .Joshua says that he thought Laura was there because she really liked volleyball, but truly she was only going to look for guys.

Well, that definitely worked out. Laura and Joshua also have a cute son named Strider. Joshua says, “He is a really fast learner.”

As you can see MHS has a new teacher at the school that truly loves what he does for a living, and will work hard for Murray students.

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