Interact River Clean-Up a Success

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Interact River Clean-Up a Success

Helen Sullivan, Editor

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Between discovering needles in the woods and eating pizza with friends, the Interact river clean up was an absolute success.

Interact puts on multiple service activities throughout the year, but, the river cleanup seems to be the most successful with the most people attending.

Going to the site you might be a little intimidated because of how messy and scary the area is, but the work done is always amazing.

“It is so cool to come back to these areas we clean up a couple months later and see them still clean! We did the same project as last year because of the huge difference it made. The graffiti we cleaned up last year never came back,” stated Noah Ewell, one of the three presidents of Interact. “The service provided makes the world a little better.”

The project actually expanded from last year, and the club members were able to cover more ground and get more done.

Well over 60 people showed up and each person played an important role in cleaning up their site. Lynley Hogan, adviser of Interact, commented “this project is really amazing for students to get an insight on the drug epidemic. It’s also so amazing to see so many students helping their community and volunteer.”

Some students, including Brenna Rogers and Bobby Leffel, had a rather terrifying encounter with needles found throughout the woods. Even though cops scour the area for anything potentially dangerous, some go unseen.

This amazing annual project really does benefit the community in so many ways. There are no part in buildings next to one of the sites that you got cleaned up and one of the residents saw what amazing service the students were doing and the whole building chipped in to buy pizza for them.

Whether it was picking up trash in the surrounding woods, or painting over graffiti, each and every person made a huge difference. Interact will also be hosting a blood drive on October 31st so stay tuned for more details!

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