Senior Quotes Were Due!

Jacey Brown, Staff Writer

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Senior Quotes Due Wednesday the 17th

Seniors! It’s time to turn in senior quotes for the 2018-2019 yearbook. Quotes give the graduating class the opportunity to have themselves heard and remembered.

Be sure to get them in to Ms. Adams in room 249 or the counseling center by the end of the school day on Wednesday, October 17th; because of yearbook deadlines, few to no quotes will be accepted after this date.

The process of turning in a senior quote is quick; go to room 249 (before or after school only), where you will receive a paper from Ms. Adams.

Those turning them in may put whatever they want as their senior quote as long as it meets the guidelines for character length and appropriate content.

What if someone doesn’t know if the yearbook team has their quote?

Follow the same steps above, but ask Ms. Adams if she can check the list for a name. If the name isn’t listed, they’ll be in the right place to fix that! This way, each senior that wants to will ensure that their quote will be read in print at the end of the year.

When asked about their opinions on quotes, two of this year’s seniors gave a wide range of opinions. Emma Uribe said, “I love them!” Abby Hohnholt added, “I love senior quotes but only if they’re funny, because otherwise there’s no point.”

Senior quotes have been a running tradition in yearbooks around the country for years, and the Class of 2019  get to be a part of it, whether their quotes are funny or deep, meaningful or meaningless.

The purpose is to have their own words that they and everyone around them can one day look back on.