Changing Seasons Bring Musical Might

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Changing Seasons Bring Musical Might

Asheby Kearns, Staff Writer

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With the start of a new school year and a fall season, music follows in its wake. At Murray High School, there are two musical programs:  Instrumental Music and Choir.

What’s the difference between the two?

Both use instruments, but the difference is between what kind. Within the instrumental program, there are string, percussion, brass, and woodwind instruments. There are violins, timpanis, French horns, and flutes.

With choir, their instruments are their mouths.

The instrumental and choir programs are usually seen as an easy grade by many. On the contrary, the music program of Murray High puts in weeks of work to be performance-ready.

Concerts are put on for the enjoyment of family and students. According to Alan Scott, Murray’s choir teacher, the concerts consist of “multicultural and foreign language selections, classical music, a capella music, [and] music that features solo voices.” He continues to state the “music uses amazing poetry, … [and] provides inspiration.”

Abigail Valenzuela, senior and member of Madrigals and Bel Canto, said, “I put a lot of work into my performances. In one rehearsal, I gave it my all, [and] almost lost my voice.” Students in Madrigals undergo an audition process in order to enter the class. Along with singing in Madrigals, they need to be in one of the other choir classes.

Within the instrumental music program, each minute is spent rehearsing for a concert or competition. Once the class is outlined for the year, the instrumental program begins to immediately rehearse for the fall concert. The fall concert shortens a lot of work to a little bit of time. This is due to how quickly the date approaches.

The same goes for the choir program. Rehearsals began “[the] first A-day for Mads [Madrigals] and [the] first B-day for Acapella,” stated Alexander Hilliard. Alex is a senior in both Madrigal and Acapella choir. The rehearsal process is immediate, wanting to nail and perfect the music as soon as possible. Orchestra began rehearsals the second A-day of the year, testing out music and determining what worked best for the concert.

The work the programs do isn’t in vain. The choir concert “…for the beginning of the year went really well,” expressed Natalie Muszynski, a senior in Acapella. She feels “[they] could fine tune it [the music] some more, but for the beginning of the year, it was good.” The choir put on an amazing concert, with a large turnout. This year, Acapella choir sang with Riverview Junior High’s choir program.

The instrumental program’s concert proceeded well, following the choir concert by two days. All groups played songs familiar to many, as the theme was pops. Most of the music played came from television songs and movies, while some of the pieces were well-known by title.

As the seasons continue to change, the programs at Murray High School is looking forward to the winter concert.

Choir’s winter concert is December 17, and the instrumental program’s is December 11. There are more performances after the winter concert, with the spring and end of year concerts, as well as region and state performances. A schedule of other performances for both programs are on the school calendar or below:

Instrumental Program:

Winter: 11 December 2018

District: 6 and 7 February 2019

Region Jazz: 6 March 2019 (at Olympus High School)

Jazz and Percussion Concert: 13 March 2019

State Jazz: 21-23 March 2019 (at Murray High School)

Region Band: 11 April 2019 (at West High School)

Region Orchestra: 18 April 2019 (at Skyline High School)

End of Year: 25 April 2019

State Band: 2 May 2019 (at Corner Canyon High School)

State Orchestra: 16 May 2019 (at Salem Hills High School)


Choir Program:

Winter: 17 December 2018

Spring: 4 March 2019

Region Choir Festival: 9 April 2019

State Choir Festival: 10 May 2019

End of Year: 23 May 2019


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