Behind the Scenes of Annie

Merrick Webb, Staff Writer

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For this year’s musical production, the theater department put on the classic story “Annie” on November 8th, 9th, 10th, and 12th at 7:00 pm in the auditorium of Murray High School.  They put hours of work into the production and  prepared for this performance for months. 

Do you know what it takes to put on a musical?

The actors behind this production sure do. The students cast in this production were junior Kalli Degen as Annie, senior Nick Mceuen as DaddyWarbucks, senior Emmy Eborn as Grace, and Oliver the dog as Sandy.

The servants, New Yorkers, Hooverville civilians and orphans are also a vital part of this musical as they helped make this production come to life.

The evil villains such as Hannigan played by senior Ashley Bates, Rooster played by junior James Longhurst, and junior  Heather Bernstein who played Lily also felt the pressure,  while trying to convey their sinister roles because without them, there would be no conflict and no musical.

When this year’s Annie, Degan, was asked how she got into wanting to perform in musicals, she replied, “I’ve always had a love for music. In fourth grade everyone was required to be in our musical. I fell in love with performing then and I just had to keep doing it.”  

Degan states, “I am most excited for the audience to see how hard everyone has worked. The show is amazing and everyone loves performing so I hope everyone loves watching us.”

Most people only see the final production of musicals once it’s up on the stage, but this year she hopes that you see the bond the actors have made, and that the love in the character’s eyes for each other was really there. The cast has grown into a family with how many run-throughs, music classes, and rehearsals they have all participated in.  

Backstage, a lot of collaboration happens between the stage crew, orchestra, dance ccompany, and the cast.  Dance Company Members say that this year’s orchestra has been great working with them on different timings or cues.  A lot of patience is needed when switching between CD tracks to using a live orchestra.  

All of these people brought their talents together to create the musical of Annie. 

They might be very different, but when they work together anything can happen.