Colorguard looking for members to throw wooden rifles, flags, and sabers

Sarah Rasmussen, Staff Writer

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Flags are tossed up in the air and rifles are thrown even higher above their heads. This group of Dancing Queens is the Colorguard.

Colorguard is a mix of dancing, marching, and of course, throwing flags. Along with flags the members throw other equipment into the air such as wood rifles and steel sabers.

When asked if they were ever afraid to get hit, guard captain Amber Best said, “After working with the equipment and being around a lot of flying objects, you get used to it and your reflexes tend to improve. The fear fades.”

Colorguard has three seasons: summer, fall, and winter.

Summer is parade season, Fall is marching band season, and winter is all about Colorguard.

Winter season starts in November as they prepare their piece. for competition. In January, the first competitions begin. The final competition, Championships is around the beginning of April.

As they perform, they are judged in four categories: Equipment, Movement, General Effect, and Design Analysis.

Throughout the season they learn tosses, dance moves and all sorts of choreography. 

The guard members have said that because of Colorguard they have gained flexibility, strength, skill, and confidence. They also said how grateful they are to guard for bringing together the team and making friends.

Anyone can join Colorguard!

“You don’t need experience. All you need is the willpower to work hard and try your best,” says guard member Hannah Lewis.

Murray Colorguard was only started last year and over half of the team has only been doing it for one season.

Previous members, including Victor Silveira,  joined with no dance or music experience whatsoever and by the end of the season he was excelling at throwing flags.

An informational meeting is October 29th in the band room, with tryouts starting on November 5th at Hillcrest Junior High.

Kylee Schramm, the coach, will be there with flags and rifles. Students are welcome to come experiment and test out the equipment.

Everyone is welcome to come!