GSA: A Safe Place

Joey Stutsman, Writer

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Gay Straight Alliance, GSA, is a safe place to be accepted by peers and make friends. It is a place of coming together and getting support that many LGBTQ+ kids don’t get here at Murray. GSA has been here at Murray for a year and was started originally by former Murray student, Renee Harper and the adviser, Chef Gray last year.

GSA has grown to a solid 30-40 members, but anyone can join at any time. Andrew Reynolds (12) thinks that the GSA has affected Murray in a positive way and has allowed others to find their community and place.

As a LGBTQ+ sophomore into a new school and social setting, a club like this can feel like a beacon in the dark.

Tyler Sparks (11) feels that the GSA has helped kids have a safe place to express themselves and talk about their issues that are going on in school or at home.

The GSA have not done any service projects as of yet, but the leaders plan to help out at the Pride Center in the month of December for World AIDS month.

Andrew said that before he found the GSA he felt isolated and alone but the GSA was an opportunity to find friends who were feeling some of the same things as well as a support system, so he became a leader of the GSA to bring people together and be a support system for others who need it.

A typical meeting is a time to socialize, connect, share and play games. Sometimes a snack is provided too.

The GSA has meetings on Thursdays right after school until 4 pm in room 123. Check with Chef Gray for specific dates.