“Flex” your drawing muscles with Flex Time mini-meeting

Caleb Black, Writer

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The Spartan Book Club is hosting a new mini-meeting during Flex time for those who love to read and draw.

It will be held on Thursday November 15th in the library. Anyone interested needs to pick up a flex pass during the week before. Sign ups are mandatory.

The motivation from this event came from a feeling all across the Book Club Presidency to make book club more than just the 3 or 4 meetings a year. “We wanted to make Book Club more accessible for the students,” Naomi Crespo, the Book Club President.

“Book Club has the largest club attendance in the school. [We] generally have from 50-80 students a meeting,” said Mrs. Fidel, the club advisor and MHS librarian. “We wanted to create more opportunities for students to attend book club.”

The focus of the activity is to provide a place for casual discussion and friend making. The atmosphere is going to be different than other book clubs, “Not as rushed as the normal bookclub, meant to bring more opportunities to talk about book,” says Crespo.

At the activity students will color pictures as they talk. The focus of this activity, Naomi stressed, is not to feel bad or shameful of drawing skills. “[We hope students] take away a fun time, show off their work without worrying about being perfect.”

Put simply this activity is meant to be, “Simple, fun, good,” Crespo stressed.

And this first flex time meeting is just the beginning. Plans are in the works to have a mini-meeting every month with a library contest also being planned.

Be sure to pick up a flex pass before November 15th in the library and come enjoy the nerdy-talking, art-making, and book-clubbing!


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