Final Exams vs Final Projects

Sarah Rasmussen, Writer

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Final exams are a stressful time for students. Students are trapped with their anxiety and having to study for hours on end. Do tests even accurately measure a student’s ability? Projects are a much better way of measuring how much a student has learned and their ability to apply it.

The amount of tests we take in a school year has increased dramatically. The Common Core State Standard Initiative and the No Child Left Behind Act have standardized the entire education system. Tests are being implemented more and more in order to measure what students have learned and to make sure that everyone is learning the material.   

Pressure is also high for the teachers as well as the students. Tests are also used to measure how well a teacher is teaching. This practice has created the atmosphere of teaching to the test. Instead of teaching the subject and getting students interested and invested, teachers are focusing more on teaching the test questions and leaving out the rest.

Final projects are a much better way of measuring a student’s ability. Projects can show that students know the material and will be able to use the material in the real world.

Final projects allow you to learn, as well as show off the skills you have already learned. It allows you to put into use what you have learned over the semester into real life situations.

The school system expects us to show a semester’s worth of learning on a two hour or less test. Tests are putting too much pressure on the students.

In real life, there are not always perfect test question situations that come up. In real life it is way more complicated and you will have to figure it out.

Just because someone does well on a test does not mean they know the material or can practice it in daily life. Just the same, if students do bad on a test, it does not mean they don’t know the material.

There are many reasons students don’t do well on tests. Some people have test anxiety that makes it hard to focus and remember all the information. All students can also have the problem of not remembering what you learned at the very beginning of the class.

Tests do have a time and place but they don’t show, accurately what a person knows and should not weigh as heavily on students’ shoulders. Projects are a better way to see a judge what a student knows and should be used and taken more seriously than tests.

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