Seniors Win Spirit Bowl…AGAIN

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Seniors Win Spirit Bowl…AGAIN

Kyler Simmons, Co-Publisher

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Spirit Week drew to an end with the annual Spirit Bowl held in the large gym. After an epic week of games and Spartan Spirit, the Spirit Bowl is always something to look forward to.

“We never get this many people,” said head of Student Government Jessica Garrett, commenting on the attendance of this year’s assembly. This year the seniors started off the competition in the lead with 935 points, juniors in second with 645 points, and sophomores trailing with 275 points.

After an opening performance of Murray High’s Fight Song by the cheer team, the games commenced!

The first challenge was the exciting duct tape challenge. Participants duct-taped a student from each each grade and faculty member Lisa Wilkin to the bleachers. The objective: Last one still on the wall, wins the challenge. Sophomores took the win, adding 100 more points to their total.

The second and third challenges both centered around balloons. The second being “Don’t Let the Balloon Touch the Ground,”and the third being “Keep Your Balloon From Being Popped.”

Seniors were victorious in both challenges. Seniors also took the victory in the fourth challenge: Musical Chairs.

Rounding off the Spirit Bowl were the “Drunk Goggles Basketball,” and the “Tug of War.” In a surprising turn of events, the juniors won  the tug of war.

Even these victories were not enough for them, and the seniors still took home the championship. As per tradition the seniors stormed the gym floor in cheers.

“It was different being able to experience the senior side of the Bowl,” commented senior Cole Ledyard, “plus I had a very enjoyable time with my friends.”

Win or lose, every attendee of Murray High’s Annual Spirit Bowl was sure to leave full of school spirit.

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