The Piano Man

Alex Hilliard, Writer

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Caleb Spjute, a piano man of 12 years, has played piano since he was four years old. Imagine, Caleb has played piano since shortly after he could read. After he had played for four years, when he was eight, at about that time he said, “I felt like piano was what I was meant to do.”

Using books from neighbors and the internet, Caleb played on a new piano his parents got when his brother was going to learn piano. Deciding to play just because he could, Caleb found that he really enjoyed playing.

Once Caleb got a piano instructor, two years after he started playing, Caleb said that he didn’t like the practicing assignments, and that he preferred to practice what he liked to play. As he said, “I just played random pieces of music or whatever I felt like playing at first.”

He also enjoyed sight-reading music, as he has won awards in sight-reading competitions later on, coming in second place in sight-reading in the 2010 Summer Arts piano competition at the University of Utah.

While Caleb may be a great piano player, he has tried to learn a few other instruments. He tried stringed instruments. Caleb said he tried to play the violin, but didn’t enjoy it very much. He could play the ukulele, and the guitar, though he said, “I can only play a few cords, so I can’t really say that I play them.”

In addition, he has composed some music with songs that actually exist, as he did with “The Greatest Showman”- piece for A Cappella choir to sing at a choir concert at the end of the school year in 2018. He has done his own work, mainly just for the “Reflections” event.  About arranging other types of music he says, “Since I don’t really know how the orchestra music works and blends, my current compositions just sound like a bunch of notes that don’t sound very good yet, but I’m working on it.”

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