A Different “Kind” of Advent Calendar

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A Different “Kind” of Advent Calendar

Madi Lowe, Editor

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During this time of year, everyone hopes they can have a good holiday. This is the time to spend with family and friends and enjoy the happiness of the season. Many people are enjoying the most wonderful time of the year, whether its watching Christmas movies or taking a trip to see their loved ones, lots of people love the holidays.

But have you ever thought of the people who are less fortunate and what they are doing for the holidays?

Some people don’t have the same joy for the holidays as others because they don’t have the time or money for certain things, or they don’t have their family and friends to be with them. Being with your loved ones plays a big role in how much you like the holidays, and for people that don’t have the opportunity to be with them is a sad thing to think about. People that don’t have money, time, shelter, or food for the winter season is a big problem in our society. You know that Santa Clause ringing the bell you see outside the store? That person is trying to get money for the Salvation Army, which is an organization that gives the money you donate to the homeless and less fortunate.

As you have seen before, anything helps and something is better than nothing! For December, challenge yourself to do at least one good deed for the holiday season or do one everyday of December. It can be donating money to the Salvation Army, donating clothes, food, and blankets to the Road Home, making Christmas cookies and giving them to your loved ones or neighbors, or shoveling snow for someone who needs it done.

Trust me, you may not think it is a big deal, but people do appreciate it. During this time of year, everyone needs to find some happiness and love, and if you do the simple things, it could make their holidays so much better.

Call this challenge “Do Good December” you won’t regret doing one or even 31 acts of kindness this holiday season. From all of us in the journalism staff, we wish you a Happy Holidays!

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