Madam Secretary Review

Sarah Rasmussen, Writer

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Madam Secretary is an American TV drama, filled with politics, foreign affairs, moral dilemmas, and family values.

Elizabeth McCord is an ex CIA agent who retired young, now living on a horse farm. She is also a mother of three kids and married to an ethics professor.

After the mysterious death of the Secretary of State, Elizabeth McCord is asked, by the president, to step in.

Unlike most shows, Madam Secretary deals with problems ranging from world war to teenage drama. They stay up to date and deal with modern problems that we see around us today. The storylines and plots are relevant in our society right now.

The show focuses on both sides of the spectrum; personal and world wide. The McCord family and how they deal with everyday problems. On the other side, they also show diplomacy and politics, at its worst and at its best.

Barbara Hall is the show’s creator and works along side producers Morgan Freeman (Yes, THE Morgan Freeman), Lori McCreary, David Semel, and Tracy Mercer. The show stars Tea Leoni as Elizabeth McCord and Tim Daly as Henry McCord.

The producing, directing, and acting are astounding. The personal problems shown through each of the actors and characters are realistic and relatable, while also being funny and suspenseful. It always leaves you wanting more.

Madam Secretary has five seasons and can be watched on CBS and Netflix. The fifth season, however, is not on Netflix and will be released in July of 2019.

This is a show that can easily be binge-watched or it can also be savored episode by episode.This is a great show to watch either by yourself or with your friends and family.

His show is inspiring and uplifting. It encourages action and pushes people to work towards a better future.

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