Revenant Kingdom Review

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Revenant Kingdom Review

Tucker Clark, Writer

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Ni no Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom is the second game in line with the fantastic game Wrath of the White Witch. This new game is following the story of Evan Pettiwhisker. Evan who is half grimalkin, half human, he has ears and a tail, and his new friend Roland. Roland is a human from this world, the one with no magic, he was the president of the United States. The two go on an adventure to make a kingdom that will hopefully stop all evil and fighting!




Revenant Kingdom is the story about Evan building up a kingdom where he should have become king! Evermore is the kingdom he builds and becomes King of, everyone has heard of Evan or knows of him, knows that he has a kingdom now. Including the man who staged the coup! Evan, Roland and his other companions go around bonding with kingdoms and hopefully making them sign the treaty of interdependence, whilst also saving the world from a dark evil in the process.




In Revenant Kingdom, the gameplay is a very smooth and rigorous combat style, it’s a hack and slash, but also a mix of blast ‘em and fast ‘em. In combat you can use three melee ranged weapons and one ranged weapon. You have standard hp and mp, and by regaining mp you have to use your weapons on the monsters, and by getting mp, you can use strong skills and can use your ranged weapon faster than using it without mp. Each character has their own set of ranged weapons they can only use, like Leander and Evan, they both have wands, but Evan can’t use spears and Leander can’t use swords.




Revenant Kingdom has some really good characters.


Tani  was a sky pirate and joins your adventure once you save her from wyverns. She’s really funny and takes your leaf book which is basically facebook, you can look at posts and like them, she takes pictures of the adventures during the game.


Evan was a going to be crowned king, but after the coup, he makes a kingdom with the help of his friends. He is kind, and helps a lot of people! He wants to make a kingdom where peace is a reality and isn’t fake. He’s the main focus of the story.


Roland was the president of America, but was then killed and taken to the other world. He is serious, but can be funny as well, during one of the side quests we learned that when he was little, he was bullied. He’s the other main focus of the story.


Batu was the captain of the sky pirates, he was fearsome and terrifying at the beginning, but once you save his daughter he becomes a silly loveable brute with an axe! He’s really comedic and is also Tanis’ father!


Lofty is the kingmaker of Evermore, he helps Evan become king and is really tiny compared to other kingmakers. He is one of the, if not funniest lines in the game, his dialogue is absolutely hilarious and his voice cracks me up everytime.




I give this game a 10/10. It’s characters and story are very memorable and this has also become my new favorite game of all time. Although the combat in the game is really hard, it can be overcome if you keep mastering blocking and dodging.

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