Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Fighters Ready?

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Fighters Ready?

Alex Hilliard, Writer

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Game rated E 10+                    9.8/10.0                   Available on The Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, rated for everyone 10+, the long awaited title for the Nintendo Switch was released on December 7, 2018. This game has been hyped up for the greater part of 2018; from release trailers and character reveals this game has been on many gamer’s mind, and it was worth the wait.

With the starting fighter cast of 8 fighters, people were upset until they quickly realized that they could with the total of 74 different fighters and many ways to play.


Smash” is the original game mode, where players pick their characters, setting, and stage for an all of brawl for the players.  There are many items to add to the game from the infamous Hammer or Smash Ball to the newer less known Super Launch Star. There are too many other items to add or take out for some players.

When it comes to fighting there are three different rule types: Time, Stock, and Stamina. Time is a timed battle where the participants are tasked with getting as many “KOs” as possible. Alternatively,  Stock battles your goal is to be the last one standing in a battle where you have a set number of lives and a timer. Stamina battles are still different than both of those. With a Stamina battle you have a set amount of health, lives, and a timer. The goal is to outlast your opposition.

If the score is even and the timer runs out on any rule type, Super Smash Bros isn’t satisfied with a draw, you have go into a “Sudden Death” round where all player that were tied for the highest score fight in a one hit “KO” fight.

New to Super Smash Bros Ultimate  a the game mode called “Squad Strike,” where two players pick three fighters each and battle with Stock rules.

There is also a mode called “Smash down,” where players pick a game mode and fight a set number of battles where after every battle every player’s fighter is taken off the roster, making it so every fight is different.

Competitive parties also have options with there being a “Tourney” mode where 4 to 32 players or/and AI players can participate in a tournament with one crowned at the end. The Tourney setting has from 2 to 4 different brackets type from players to choose from as well.

Classic Mode

Classic mode is for players who like the feel of the of Nintendo 64, 3DS, orWii U Smash Bros titles with a short series of fights followed by a boss. Each fighter has a path of fights different from from the others, different fights and different bosses

With a 0.0 to 10.0 difficulty rating at the beginning of each character campaign,the player chooses the difficulty rating. layers can only choose between 0.0 to 5.0 at the beginning, but with each fight the challenge level changes with each win and down each time you lose a stock.


Spirits are like power-ups to help your fighters become more powerful. Spirits also grant side effects, like starting the battle with an item or being immune to a stage hazard (like a lava floor for example). All of the spirits are people or things that have appeared on Nintendo consoles, meaning popular characters like Tingle from “The Legend of Zelda” to the fruits from “Pac-Man.” Spirits are the main concept for the main journey that the fighters and player take on.

“World of Light” is the name of this adventure, where you are introduced to the concept in the game’s opening sequence. In the beginning cutscene you see all of the game’s characters standing at the edge of a cliff; the camera then panning over to “Master Hands,” a disembodied white glove that has always been the series’ main antagonist, followed by “Galeem” an unknown powerful creature that is just a ball of light with light arches flowing around it.  Galeem absorbs the Master Hands and fires unstoppable beams of light, and the player can do nothing but watch as all of their favorite characters are consumed by the light.

After most of the main playable characters are consumed, Kirby, the pink blob, is the only one to escape and is left to save the world from this light.

Kirby, a pink round hero with a smile on his face, takes the challenge head on. The player who took on the quest quickly realizes that the world that they were exploring is huge with many fighters and spirits to save, all to defeat Galeem and save the world.

With the spirits being a useful resource for players, most would like to make sure that they can get as many as possible.That’s where the ”Spirit Board” comes in. It allows players to fight against the spirit in a chance to free it allowing the player to use it.

All around, Ultimate is an amazing game with great graphics and smooth controls allowing players of all skill levels to find enjoyment here. Masahiro Sakurai has really hit it out of the park, and I don’t think any players will find a bad game here.

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