(Not Just For) Business Management

Caleb Black, Writer

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Here’s the situation: You’re put in a group for the huge end of semester project. At your first meeting the group singles you out as in charge, and you realize, with a sigh, that your position really means you get to do all the work.
Sound familiar? If you’ve ever been in a situation where you need to help the rest of the group accomplish a task, you know how tricky it is to lead people. Yet, there is a class that can teach you how to do it. That class is SLCC Business Management.
SLCC Business Management sounds like a boring business class. Full of technical terms, graphs, and boring spreadsheets. This could actually not be further than the truth. In reality this class is an introduction to the world of managing people.
More than just understanding how people feel, it is about motivating them, changing how they feel and think, and making them into more than they were before. It is a class about making a difference to those you lead.
Most learning in class comes from the great inspirational teacher; Keeko Georgelas. Coach Keeko, as he is affectionately called, is a former coach and the current athletics director here at Murray, a job that requires him to manage all the different coaches and sports. He is filled with stories, object lessons, and solid advice on how to manage people.
Keeko has a deep desire to put all his students into, as he stresses many times, a “growth mindset, not a fixed mindset.” This mentality is when you recognize that the world is always changing, and constant improvement is the only way to go. He always uplifts and keeps the class focused on the big picture and vision that leads to success.
A highlight of the class is the happiness project. Keeko believes that in order to be a great manager, you need to be a great person. So, for the first few weeks of class the discussion is all about how to be happy, what it means to be motivated, and how to keep yourself going.
This is all culminated with a project where each student tracks something that made them happy that day, for an entire month. After going through that, it puts a new perspective on happiness.
The workload for the class is generally manageable. Beyond the end of term projects required for every class in the school, simple article summaries are the only other main assignment.
Being a college credit class, the tests are the trickiest part. They require you to read and study the book, which is preparation for how college is. It requires lots of detailed studying and puts the good advice deep in your head.
SLCC Business Management is a class that helps in a lot of areas in your life. After taking it, you can feel much more confident when the group looks at you for direction.
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