Late Start Days

Bentley Hansen, Writer

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Late start day at Murray High School creates such a buzz throughout the hallways that one just has to wonder: Do the students actually benefit from this extra time in the morning?

Professionals say that late starting for students is beneficial for the sleeping habits and the grades needed to graduate and become successful in a career.

Although some teachers from the perspective of the administration say that late start drops the attendance, others argue that getting up from school becomes easier and the homework situation is an easy resolve.

Sophomore Kieran Leyba declared, “I like having time in the morning and is great for students who usually sleep in.”

Some Murray High School teachers also commented on the prospect of late start. Mrs. Griffin pointed out that late start was actually made for the benefit of teachers, giving them more time in the morning for Professional Development and team planning.

Ashbey Kearns, a senior, says that she believes that the late start improves her attention and her grades for the day.

It seems that the students have a very positive opinion about the late starting days, being that they accept the option of taking an hour in the morning to finish routines or have time to eat a better breakfast.

Although with another opposing opinion coming from the Foods 1 and the interior design teacher, Mrs. Waymen, spoke out saying she finds no point to the late start and feels as though attendance crashes.

With all these arguments, it boils down to how one feels about the hour long morning or the earliness of how schools ends.

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