Boy Erased Movie Review

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Boy Erased Movie Review

Merrick Webb, Writer

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When people first see the a movie titled Boy Erased they may think it’s about a person that has had his identity taken away from him by another person, but this actually isn’t completely the case. This movie is about a boy erasing who he thought he was and rewriting who he knows he is. When watching, you will know once he has finished writing because that is when our boy erased turns into a man written.

This movie which depicts a true story of a young man named Garrard Conley (Lucas Hedges) who ends up coming out to his parents, his father Marshall Conley (Russell Crowe) who is a local baptist preacher,  and his mother Nancy Conley (Nicole Kidman) who is a preacher’s wife. His parents did not end up taking it well, so Garrard then goes through the traumatic experience of being put into a gay conversion therapy camp.

This movie deserves a five star rating for just its’ storytelling. The actors in this movie brought every feeling and word to life, and added to the story by creating human connections that you can’t stop thinking about.

The real life Garrard Conley spreads his story of awareness of what gay conversion therapy camps really do to people, and what they do is truly horrible. For these camps are still running even after becoming illegal.

The story of Garrard Conley finding himself is so beautiful it will leave you in tears. The character carries your emotions through the ringer causing you to laugh, cry, and most importantly rethink what you thought you knew.

This heartfelt story will dig down deep into your soul. As the boy erased is torn between his two worlds. One where he can be his true self and the other where he will have to be someone he isn’t.

The boy erased at the beginning, put his family before himself, even if they were hurting him emotionally. The boy was then turned into a man written with the confidence to stand up for who he is and what he wants to be. This movie is a must see for it follows a beautiful person who tells of a important message. This message is very emotional and you will have to watch the movie to find every detail out.

I suggest when you see this movie, and take in every single moment. Because this will most likely be one of the most important movies you will ever see. You can see this picture in theaters near you, this movie could possibly change your life.

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