Fortnite Battle Royale Review

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Fortnite is a fun and popular battle royale game with 200 million registered users.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a free game that you can download on PS4, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, IOS, and Android. I would rate Fortnite a solid 8/10 stars and would recommend this game to anyone.

At the beginning of the game you start out in a bus then dive out and land at different locations on the map to collect things such as weapons, shields, and medicine.

One minute after you land, a circle forms on a section of the map called the eye of the storm.  You then have 3 minutes and 20 seconds to run inside of that circle or else you’ll get hit by the storm and take damage to your health.

In the game, you can play solos, duos, or squads. In solos you play by yourself, in duos you play with one other person, and in squads you play with three other people. The goal of the game is to eliminate people and to be the last one(s) alive.

Fortnite is entertaining because of how different it is compared to other games. In Fortnite you’re able to build walls, ramps, floors, and pyramids to protect yourself from other people trying to eliminate you with materials that you scavenge on the map.

The variety of weapons and items in the game is nice and refreshing because you don’t get bored of using the same weapons all of the time. There are assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, and sub machine guns.  

As the game has progressed and modified to fit players, the creators added vehicles.  The vehicles in the game are enjoyable to use because you are able to get to different places faster especially when you need to get to the circle on a time limit. The vehicles include a shopping cart, golf cart, quad crasher, and airplane. My favorite vehicle is the quad crasher because of the speed and my least favorite is the airplane.

Even though the variety of weapons in the game is refreshing to see, there are some where some could say are unnecessary or unfitting for the game such as the mounted turret.  The mounted turret is too overpowering for the game because it has unlimited ammo, does a lot of damage, and has really long range. I think that the mounted turret should require ammo so then it can run out of ammo eventually making it a more challenging aspect of the game for players.  

Another reason why I like Fortnite is because of how bright and vibrant the colors are. During the day the sky is either a really nice blue color or it’s a light orange with hints of pink hues. The grass in the game is some of the greenest grass you’ll ever see and the dirt is the brownest is the nicest brown I’ve ever seen.

Overall, Fortnite is a game I would recommend to my friends and fellow classmates.  

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