A little more on the movement that has taken the US by storm.

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Karrie Norton, Editor

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           Internet culture has recently started doubling down on what people can and cannot get away with, especially when speaking on topics such as racism, sexism, and sexual assault among a slew of other heinous accusations.

          The Me Too movement has catapulted this conversation and opened up a platform for people to come forward with their experiences and their trauma instead of hiding it and pushing it to the side. It all gives everyone a free space to speak and support one another, even big names in the entertainment industry, which is a known place that powerful people often get away with these actions.

          Not only are people constantly coming forward, but abusers and perpetrators are being exposed and their dirty laundry is being hung to dry for everyone to see. It seems that every day a beloved celebrity or well-known individual in power has either a slew of allegations against them or evidence of them being less than the respectable persona they put forth.

          A number of actors, musicians, producers, and many other persons throughout the entertainment world have been revealed to be a different person than so many people adore. These recordings and allegations provide a different aspect to these people that many people regard as their idols and role models, a darker and hideous side that ruins the image people have built of this person.

         Some have begun to call for an end to what they call a “witch hunt,” saying that many times, people online are only looking for someone to take down. This is taken from what is called “canceled culture,” when a group of people online either make claims or bring up old evidence of bigotry. Many of the people who advocate for those with tarnished reputations debate with those against them, making the case that they’re judging too harshly, that the individual has grown as a person since then, or sometimes they say that those making the claims of sexual assault or racism are just saying so to boost themselves either socially or economically.

        Those who have told their experiences are usually met with a wave of heavy criticism and doubt, but with the emergence of #MeToo they are also met with mountains of support and an accepting community.

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