Girls Soccer Winter Trainings From Freshman To Senior

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Girls Soccer Winter Trainings From Freshman To Senior

Merrick Webb, Writer

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Nothing like training and conditioning for a bunch of nervous freshman, crazy sophomores, stressed juniors, and determined seniors. Girls soccer winter trainings are definitely eventful for everyone, especially the coaches. These trainings are meant to get the girls ready for the soccer season, but mostly for the coaches to scope out the newcomers. These trainings mix team building and skill improvement.

From Freshman year to Senior year, they all have completely different mindsets in the beginning. As a freshmen, they go in with butterflies in your stomach, and end up working really hard to prove themselves. Freshman also seem to think that every mistake they make is the end of the world. But that isn’t true, as long as you do your best and have fun nothing could go wrong for you.

As a freshman, huge butterflies are in your stomach when thinking of winter trainings. This completely changes when you walk through the gym doors, and you are greeted with smiles and new friends.

Sophomore year is a weird grade for soccer trainings. You still feel as nervous as a the freshman, however the Sophomores tend to be more confident, and they continue to work hard and prove themselves. These fluctuating feelings make sophomore year feel like a rollercoaster, but this rollercoaster is fun nonetheless.

Junior year for winter training is the year of stress. All of the girls are working to get college applications ready and studying hard for ACT and SAT tests. Plus battling jobs and extracurriculars. When these Juniors step into the gym they are greeted with a fun challenge that gives them a sense of peace for the time being. Winter soccer trainings are really important for juniors because of the stress relieving nature soccer gives the players. In your Junior year soccer is a time for fun because you are so close to the end of your highschool life, and you want to make every moment count.

Senior year is the year of determination. All of the seniors don’t want to lose, they look to win, and to make it further than the year before. Seniors are determined go far and to win State. This is their last year, they want to take it all in and they work hard for every moment they get. So freshman don’t be scared when you see the seniors game face.

All of these grades may seem very different, but they really are the same in the end. Every grade, every girl, and every coach just wants to work hard, and get as far as possible. In 2018 they got second in state, so 2019 is the year to get first. Let’s make it happen!

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