Stealing the Spotlight

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Stealing the Spotlight

Taysia Chea, Editor

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The Golden Globes is no joke. The special awards show has been held in January of every year, dating back to the early 1940’s.

To this day the Golden Globes recognizes achievements in 25 different categories, ranging from Foreign Language to Best Animated Feature Film. Among the many different awards shows that goes on throughout the year the Golden Globes is considered a “bigger affair” compared to the Oscars, despite focusing on mainly excellence in film and television.

Now, for any of you who’re more fashionably inclined, you were probably paying more attention to the outfits walking the carpet rather than the actual celebrity. Sure I pay a little more attention to certain celebrities over others but, the outfit says it all.

One I’d like to focus on for this years show is most definitely a woman who ended the year off right. She stole the spotlight the second she stepped onto the venue.

“In not-so surprising news, Lady Gaga turned up to the Golden Globes wearing a very dramatic gown-”, states Alyssa Bailey, writer for Elle magazine.

Lady Gaga rocked the night in a custom lavender-blue Valentino Couture gown, with long sleeves and and seemingly endless train. Her hair even dyed a light blue to match the Cinderella-like dress. Gaga emerged from the seemingly endless yards of fabric and claimed her award for Best Original Song.

And though there were many famous celebrities attending this event someone other than Lady Gaga stole the show that night. I’m sure many people would be dumbfounded by the idea that it was someone completely random at that.

Fiji Water Girl, Canadian model Kelleth Cuthbert, sported a gorgeous dark blue evening dress. Though her dress, as charming as it made her look, was not the source behind Kelleth’s internet fame during the Golden Globes.

Cuthbert’s fame skyrocketed as what most teens would call a meme after popping up in the background of multiple different celebrity photos.

Kelleth’s PR stunt had required her to photobomb these photos while holding a tray filled with Fiji water bottles meant for the guests. Though she could have simply just stood there with the tray Cuthbert had grabbed the limelight by brazenly staring straight into the camera and smiling.

There were many different celebrities attending the Golden Globes that night, but these two women were most definitely the center of attention that night.

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