Student Press Freedom Day!

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Student Press Freedom Day!

Taysia Chea, Editor

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More and more people are speaking out about what they think is right. For example many people across the globe attended their state’s Women’s March on January 19th.

Events like these are going on all the time, and whether you know about it or not you’ll surely find out about it through social media at some point. The Women’s March being one that is more easily exposed to the eyes of the public, especially to those of this generation.

Despite the fact that this is a good thing, it seems that students aren’t well aware of other ways to speak out about the things on their minds. This next Wednesday, January 30th, is the Student Press Freedom Day! The event goes on worldwide and allows for students to participate by using the #StudentPressFreedom on their social medias.

For anyone particularly interested in writing or journalism this event allows for students to raise awareness about protecting their First Amendment Rights in their writing.

As a student journalist myself, the first thing I learned when joining the journalism team here at Murray High was what I could and couldn’t do when writing an article for our online website The Spartan Sentinel.

While every student is aware of copyright and plagiarism, are they aware of the laws behind these two words? I took a quiz located on the SPLC, Student Press Law Center, website and only got 3 out of the 10 questions right.

Thus deciding that unless you were well informed from a young age or took a liking to law wouldn’t know thing such as whether or not copyright protection lasts forever once registered. According to the quiz I failed, it doesn’t.   

A journalist or writer can write their opinion into their own writing, but it doesn’t mean that it will appease everyone who comes across it and takes the time to read it; especially those whose opinion opposes the writers. Though you may think there is nothing wrong with your writing it is very easy to be tried for defamation through slander and libel.

There are certain things that can make someone uncomfortable, many things can be considered a touchy subject depending on the person; in turn it can cause one to hesitate to write or speak out about these certain things. In this day and age, it’s hard not to cross a line without restricting your writing to try and please others.

Even while writing this I’ve debated over each word I’ve typed. I’ve struggled with my own conscience to decide whether or not my way of writing is getting my message through without fogging up it’s true meaning somewhere along the way.  

Though this is just one way that I’ve been able to enlighten myself I, along with the rest of the Murray Journalism staff, was able to attend a Journalism conference held in Chicago. Through this our team was able to come back with new ideas and strategies in mind to help give you a better and more engaging online newspaper.

It’s important for anyone and everyone to be aware of what you are and aren’t allowed to do, especially since social media is such a strong presence in our everyday life. You can take advantage of this day and help students such as yourself to expand the boundaries that have limited your writing.

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