The Pressure of College

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The Pressure of College

Helen Sullivan, Editor

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Throughout the past few years, there has become an enormous deception that the only way to live a happy and successful life is to become a debt riddle individuals and obtain college degree. The only ticket into society and a financially stable life is to be a college graduate. There’s now a negative connotation attached to those who decide to attend trade schools or decide to skip college all together.

There are many bright and ambitious students with hopes and dreams that surpass any four year degree. Maybe of these literal children would much rather sell art for a living or become a yoga instructor in Bali, living out a life they would truly enjoy. Yet, the pressure is still put on students and they are felt like they’re less than other for not pursing a college education. But not every person is suited for college.

These students feel compelled and obligated to go to college because it’s what they’re been taught all their lives, education is the only thing they know and it’s been drilled into their minds at a very young age that a college degree is necessary to live a happy and successful life.

The unimaginable amount of stress and emphasis put on students to go to college is absurd. They’re expected to be involved in an astronomical amount of extracurricular activities, taking the most rigorous class, and maintain a steady GPA/ACT. All this hard work and dedication is just to stand out on applications, outshining the competition. While all of these factors are important for the student to grow as a person and possibly help the realize what they want to do with their life, there is such an enormous emphasis on doing as much as possible while in high school, and students tend to stretch themselves too thin.

According to the American Psychological Association interviewed a group of teenagers throughout the school year, as well as the summer to get a better insight of just how stressed out teenagers actually are.  The teens interviewed reported that their stress levels are higher than most adults during the school year. Nearly one quarter of teens interviewed reported skipping school due to stress.

For all of our lives, we’ve been pushed towards a college education because it’s “what you do after high school.” Classes we take, assembly’s we attend, and countless meetings with our guidance counselor all year us towards the downward spiral of debt that is known as college. The astronomical amount of stress is enough to deter one from attending college.

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