Jackie Chan: Green House Heroes

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Jackie Chan: Green House Heroes

Rilyn Boss, Editors

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Jackie Chan is a well known actor, martial artist, producer, stuntman, and singer that has been in over 150 films. While gaining a wide following in both Western and Eastern hemispheres, Chan has been one of the most recognizable and influential actors in the cinematic world being named as one of the top 10 most charitable celebrities by Forbes magazine. By 2016 he was ranked second-highest paid actor in the world.

While it is quite impressive that Chan has been acting since 1960’s, that’s not all that Jackie Chan is doing. While filming for the hundreds of movies that he has starred in, he has seen the extreme waste that is created by film industries.

He’s talked about how they would buy brand new cars and crash them, some five at a time. Mirrors, tables, doors, water bottles, and so many various things, you name it and they have wasted it.  

After witnessing so much of this, Chan talks about how he is trying to “redeem” himself through his new TV show, Jackie Chan Green Heroes on the National Geographic channel.      Their mission is to join forces with Arthur Huang, a technological innovator and National Geographic emerging explorer. He is also the founder of Miniwiz- a global leader in post-consumer recycling technology.

Together they have created the first mobile plastics recycling, solar-powered machine, named the “The Trashpresso”.

Now they are pushing it to “The Trashpresso’s” limits by talking and testing the machine in the world’s harshest environments where many of his movies were filmed. After overcoming many technical challenges like high altitude and cold climates, the duo worked with the local governments and kids to collect plastic waste. Which then is brought to “The Trashpresso” and turned into tiles for use of walls or flooring.

Through this show they hope to raise awareness and to make consumers more conscious about the environment. Chan also is using his fame to spread the message to many, that anyone can be a “green hero”. He also discusses how he is hoping that they will be able to bring “The Trashpresso” to future movie sets and use it to create materials to build schools.

In the meantime, you can watch Jackie Chan Green Heroes with Arthur Huang on the National Geographics channel and Hulu.

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