“Tetris 99”: Tetris Redefines the “Battle Royale”

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“Tetris 99”: Tetris Redefines the “Battle Royale”

Alexander Hilliard, Writer

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Game rated Not Rated                  8.7/10.0                Available on Nintendo Switch

Tetris released in June 1984 and was a simple game with a simple concept, stack blocks and clear the rows. Still in 2019 the series is still alive and well with their most recent installment Tetris 99.

Tetris 99 is a battle royale style view on the classic game, using the “garbage blocks” that are sent to your opponents whenever you clear a row. Garbage blocks are rows of blocks that appear at the bottom of the play area, that need to be cleared as a normal row.  Not clearing the garbage sent from your opposition will quickly end your game.

As the name implies Tetris 99 is 99 player Tetris, where like in Puyo Puyo Tetris, a 1 versus 1 version of the game, you target other people and others target you.  There are 5 different ways of attacking: attacking your attackers, attacking whoever is closest to being knocked out, attacking who has the most “badges,” or having the game choose a random target.

Badges are an award for knocking out an opponent, which is unique in Tetris 99 because  if you get 3 badges you get a “25% up”. This means you send 25 percent more garbage per line cleared. Every 3 badges after that increases it by another 25 percent, up to a 100 percent increase, meaning that you send double the garbage to other players. Be careful though the “badges attack” option means that the more badges you have the more you may be targeted.

With an age of most Battle Royales being similar, but each one adding little on to the genre, it felt like no one would ever do something new or very different. Tetris 99 is just the solution we needed. Taking a tried and true game, and throwing it into a genre that was evolving so slowly that it was getting old fast.

With the low price of nothing to all Nintendo Switch Online members, it is a great game to just waste time on in short sweet, but difficult rounds. With the game being easy to grasp but impossible to master, entry level players are able to climb around the lower ranks while the long time veterans are able to get to the insanely difficult top 15 spots. There really is a style of play for everyone and a ranking in each match for each player.

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