Is The World Headed For Another Cold War?

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Is The World Headed For Another Cold War?

Ethan Kearns, Writer

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Prepare those fallout shelters, because we could be headed into another Cold War.

But wait, where are the shelters?

If you didn’t pay attention in your U.S. history class, then I’ll explain what a fallout shelter is, and what purpose they serve.

A fallout shelter is a shelter that is underground, and protects potential inhabitants from harmful radioactive particles from a nuclear blast, called fallout.

“But Ethan, I thought Fallout was a video game reeeeeeeee…” No you darn commie, let me explain a little bit.

Fallout is vaporized dust and debris that is sucked up into the air when a nuclear blast occurs. These particles are then picked up by air currents and thrown miles away from where the blast occurred.

Fallout is dangerous because you could be living a hundred miles away from a nuclear strike, and the fallout can travel hundreds of miles from ground zero, irradiating the environment.

Although the blast from a nuclear strike is devastating, the fallout is the most damaging because it can contaminate the environment for years.

A fallout shelter is meant to protect an inhabitant from alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. These shelters are also stocked with food, water, medical supplies, entertainment, and more.

Now that you have an idea of what a fallout shelter is, you may be asking, “Get with the times old man, we live in a world where don’t have to worry about a nuclear war you old bat.”

Just because the Cold War ended in 1991 does not mean the threat is gone. In fact, political tensions between old Cold War adversaries is rising.

On February 1st, the United States announced to pull out of the Nuclear Arms Control Treaty with Russia, to which the Russians broke countless times. This treaty helped to limit and put an end to the Arms Race.

The Arms Race was a race during the Cold War in which the United States and the Soviet Union produced weapons to outdo one another. The problem with an Arms Race is the cost of the war to happen.

During the 1950s, one of the many heated times of the Cold War, defense spending in the United States shot up like a rocket. The United States was definitely a country you didn’t want to mess with, especially because the U.S. could afford massive defense spending.

The “Golden Age” for the United States was the 1950’s. The powerful economy kept the U.S. strong up until the 1970’s, but still proved to be victorious over the Soviet Union.

Now, where did this defense spending go to? Most of the budget went to the development of better nuclear weapons, which brought in the development of the first Thermonuclear/ Hydrogen device, Ivy Mike by the United States in 1952.

The intense production of atomic weapons by the U.S. and U.S.S.R. put the public in a dizzy, and the fear of nuclear Armageddon lead to the creation of the fallout shelter, and some… “helpful?” nuclear safety drills.


Duck and Cover (1952) was a film played in schools across the United States to teach citizens on how to survive a nuclear attack, by ducking and covering. That might help, “might” help.


So that brings up a question today if another Cold War was to happen: What will we do? Will we build fallout shelters again to preserve the spirit of America? Or will the government watch us parish?

It would be interesting to see what would happen, (and it is likely it will happen), if the United States and Russia entered a new Cold War. It might not be a war between Capitalism and Communism, but one that proves who is the most powerful country in the world.

If history will repeat itself, a new Cold War would start with an Arms Race, and the chances of a nuclear war would grow. The Doomsday Clock is set at two-minutes to midnight, just like it was in 1953.

Don’t know what the Doomsday Clock is? Well, the doomsday clock is a figurative clock made in 1947, the start of the Cold War, by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. The Doomsday Clock shows how close we are to a potential end of the world scenario.

In a new Cold War scenario, the figurative clock could move closer and closer to midnight, which means a step closer to the “end of the world.”   

So where is the world headed at this point in time? Well, if development of brand new nuclear weapons starts again, then it’s a pretty high chance that tensions between global powers would rise, and like said before, the start to a new arms race.

Since the United States and Russia suspended the Nuclear Arms Control Treaty, a very  crucial treaty signed in the ending years of the Cold War, a brand new Cold War can happen, and it will probably be an ugly one, uglier than before.  

It’s very obvious that Russia wants to rebuild itself back to its “glory days” when it was the Soviet Union. Russia’s aggression has also risen over the years, all thanks to Vladimir Putin.

Will the United States be able to revive Russia’s strength in the next Cold War? It happened once before, but with a dwindling economy, who knows if it will again.