The Murray High ESports Team is Ready to Take on the Competition

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The Murray High ESports Team is Ready to Take on the Competition

Alexander Hilliard, Writer

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The Murray Esports’ first season of competition is soon to be underway. March 18th is the start day for this season and our 5 teams are ready to take on all the challengers in their way.

With the games that have teams feature at our school is Overwatch(2016), League of Legends(2009), Fortnite(2017), Super Smash Bros. Ultimate(2018), and Rocket League(2015), all having a weekly day for matches.

Our League, lead by Team Captain Bobby “Zorran” Leffel, will be playing every Tuesday during the season in an attempt to make it toward the playoffs. Bobby said, “We practice at least once every week”, and he pushes his players to play at least once per day. He says that they are playing well, and they are building up a good synergy (The skill and unity in a team or group.) in the team.

Our Overwatch team, coached by Team Captain Heidi “Cazicamie” Wilde, is staged to play their opposition Monday’s trying to gain access to the playoffs. While this team may have had a shaky start, they have managed to get a weekly practice recently. Though the team feels pretty confident in their play, as junior Eli Powell said, “We are ready enough, and we’ll do well.”

The Rocket League team, lead by Hunter “RCKR ^-^” Barney, is leading the rocket-powered team right into the season, playing every Wednesday. Hunter says while he is unsure what his opposition will bring to the table he is confident with his team. His team has more practices than the others, with two every week.

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate lead by Alexander “Synnless” Hilliard, also plays on Wednesday. The practice for this team is available for all students at Murray High, in the form of a weekly tournament.

Jacob Williams, a sophomore of the Smash team said,“I feel pretty confident, both individually and as a team, that we will do well season and have fun while we’re at it.”

Last to play every week is our Fortnite team. Though without a leader, is still going to be launching into battle every Friday. Though only having a team of Two, Alton Kluse and Baden Greenwood, and little to no practice, they will still be trying to bring home a win for us.

So make sure you wish everyone luck as they are about to get this season underway, and go Spartans!

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