The Jonas Brothers Are Back

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The Jonas Brothers Are Back

Nnenna Eke-Ukoh, Writer

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Remember the shows Jonas, Jonas L.A., Camp Rock, and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam? Fan girls, it is time to scream. Our longtime favorite Disney Channel boy band is back! The Jonas Brothers! They had hit songs that included: Lovebug, S.O.S., When You look Me In The Eyes, Burnin’ Up, and Year 3000. This time, with the little drummer boy, Nick Jonas, front and center. While Joe sings the chorus and you see Kevin rocking his bass guitar in their new music video Sucker.

According to sources, the breakup of 2013 was “inevitable” said the eldest, Kevin Jonas. In 2013, the band came to ABC’s, Good Morning America to explain to fans why they broke up in the first place. The band mentioned that Nick was the one to break up the popular boy band, and he agreed. Nick took the heat and responded that they are better as brothers than band mates. Joe also commented that they would continuously butt heads and their relationship with each other was crumbling. They made amends and they all decided it was best if they just stuck to being brothers. This makes total sense, they addressed the problem at hand and had an excellent resolution.

Family over everything.

The boy band comprises of the oldest Kevin, with Joe following and Nick being the youngest in the band. The beloved Jonas Brothers got back together and released a new single Sucker in February of 2019. If you haven’t already heard it, then I’m afraid you have done yourself a grave mistake. I highly recommend that you listen to it as soon as possible because the song hit Number One Debut on the Billboard Hot 100 soon.

The one thing that is incredible about this new band, is that they all have their wives. The great part, all their wives are in the Sucker music video. Their new music had me thinking about how much more mature they sound. They grew up so fast, from being an unknown boy band forming in 2005, to being Disney stars, then becoming their own individual star; Nick more than others. The brothers did keep their promise on reuniting, One Direction can take a few lessons from the Jonas Brothers.

In an interview with Bustle, Nick did imply that there could be a tour this year. Who’s ready for that? Because I am so in. The only thing I’ve been wondering about now: how much longer until we see Big Time Rush come back together?


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