Murray Medallion and Career Cord

Taysia Chea, Editor

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Many things are coming up for Seniors, one being graduation (get rid of them U’s)! That day is far off, but boy will it come before you know it.

The Murray Medallion and Career Cord are important for your graduation day, as it makes you feel more accomplished than ever before. So what the heck are the two?

The Murray Medallion has one important purpose, and that is to motivate students to get more involved in school activities. By participating in these activities you get points that can be tracked only in 10th-12th grade.

Only 50 points max can be earned in one area, like becoming a Student Body Officer, completing and AP class, or being in choir or band. There’s a whole lot to do.

A minimum of 150 points must be acquired in order to get the grand Murray Medallion.

Now you maybe thinking you little sneaks you, “I can just BS my points to get the medallion.” Well, I hate to break it to you, but you’re WRONG.

You see, there’s a list that is needed to keep track of the points you think you are certified for. Then, you have to get a signature from an administrator, teacher, counselor, etc. verifying that you put in all that hard work.

*Note points can only be earned during your years at Murray High School, other high schools do not count.  

If you don’t qualify for the Murray Medallion, then don’t fret. It’s likely that you may be able to get the Career Field Cord.

Unlike the Murray Medallion, the Career Field Cord can be obtained by getting 3.0 credits more than what is required. For example, if you have 5.00 credits in art you can qualify for the Arts and Rec cord since 1.5 credits are required for graduation.

It’s simple really, all you have to do is check or ask your counselor how many credits you have in specific field, and see if you qualify for any of the available cords.


Need some links? I got you covered.

Cord Application:

Murray Medallion Application:

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