Movie Review “Us”

Charmayne Sam, Writer

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The new psychological thriller “Us” came to theaters on March 22, 2019 from Academy Award nominated writer and director of “Get Out”, Jordan Peele.

“Us” follows a family of four to their summer vacation home in California. In the same aspect of “Get Out” the audience must pay attention to detail. “Us” is filled with foreshadowing that ties the whole movie together.

The movie uncovers the backstory of the main character, Adelaine Wilson, played by Madison Cury, in intricate detail.  As Adelaine tries to overcome a traumatic experience, it comes back to haunt her. She has a feeling that something bad is going to happen as a series of coincidences become more significant.

As she visits the beach where her traumatic event took place, memories overcome her from when she was a little girl.

One night, four intruders show up at the house putting the family in a fight for survival situation, only to uncover that the intruders are mirrored versions of themselves.

Creepy! As the night drags on more of the motive behind the attack is unveiled. This film is packed with jump scares and some light moments of comedy that breaks up the moments of seriousness.

This film will have you confused about who the real antagonists are. As well as leaving you with questions and wanting more.  

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