Movie Review “Five Feet Apart”

Rylin Boss, Writer

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Five Feet Apart is the newest romance drama to come to the big screen this year. It’s the heartfelt story of two chronically ill teenagers that can’t touch. Both have Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disease that results in difficulty breathing due to many lung infections alongside many other symptoms.  With the fear of catching each other’s specific bacteria, they can’t get within six feet of each other. With this in mind, the two main characters, Stella (Haley Lu Richardson) and Will (Cole Sprouse), begin to find “safe” and creative ways of spending time together.

One of the cool facts about this movie is the inspiration for the character Stella. While Claire Wineland, the inspiration for the character Stella, didn’t have a chronically ill lover, she did spread awareness of the disease through videos like Stella does in the film. With this in mind, the movie couldn’t have been made without her and her willingness to share her view of living with Cystic Fibrosis. Wineland wanted to change the way that sick people were talked about and how they were viewed in the community.

While the response towards the movie have been torn for many, many in the Cystic Fibrosis community loved that the movie brought awareness to the disease and the struggle of many patients. Some in the community, however,  did not like the way the movie romanticized chronically ill patients and portrayed risky and unsafe behavior.

While the studio did hit some rough patches, the movie was a hit in the theater gaining 69.2 million dollars its opening weekend, compared to the 7 million dollar budget that was used to make the movie.

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