Natural Series Review

Rianna Thacker, Writer

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Do you like crime novels? Or thrillers? If the answer is yes, then you would love The Naturals series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. This fiction series has everything from adventure to a love triangle, so there is definitely something for everyone to love.


The series is about a secret FBI program, that has a grand total of five teenagers. Each teen has a different ability that makes them a natural. Cassie, the main character, is a natural profiler, Michael can read emotion, Lia can catch any lie and is an amazing liar herself, Sloane is all numbers, and Dean, the first of the naturals, is also a profiler like Cassie. Each one of these teens has had something happen in their lives to make them who they are. Sloane said, “None of us had normal childhoods…If we had, we wouldn’t be Naturals.”


In the first book, the Naturals, Cassie is asked to join the program. She feels like she has to join the program in order to feel like she has a place in this world. Once she gets to Quantico, Virginia where they live, everyone tells her she shouldn’t be there, that she will be ruined. She chooses to stay and they all become a family.  


Throughout the whole series you learn about each character and what makes them naturals. Each character has something that you can relate to, which makes the series that much better to read.