Senior Splash: Not Your Average Water Fight

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Senior Splash: Not Your Average Water Fight

Brienna Haro, Co-Publisher

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Seniors are all pulling out their squirt guns and water balloons a little bit earlier this year to get out the competition in the 2019 Senior Splash event.  

Senior Splash is a competition within the seniors at Murray High where the objective of the game is to get as many people out as you can and get their ticket.  To win, you must have the most tickets and it’s expected for the champion to throw a party for the senior class.

Admission to get your initial ticket for the battle was five dollars but if you get eliminated you are able to buy your way back in with a hefty fee of 20 dollars.  

Updated List of Players Still In the Game

The first round ends on May 10th, 2019 and everyone must have gotten one other person out to advance to the next round.  It has only been six days within this competition but some seniors say it feels like it has already been 2 rounds.

So far there have been 50 seniors splashed, and among the fallen are Wade Walton being the first out and Gabby Gockeritz being the last known target.  Alliances are being formed and it looks like truces are being broken out on the battlefield.

Dance Company’s own officers seem to be going after each other with Elise Hutchison (Historian) getting out Symbria Lewis (President) right after their practice.  Friendships have also been tested after Henry Estrada got Brian Nava out even though they are known to be close knit in their friend group “ØTF” (only the family).

Symbria Lewis (Left) Elise Hutchison (Right)

Henry Estrada (Left) Bryan Nava (Right)

Some juniors are even being pulled into the mix as drivers or undercover spies giving away intel to those in need of an address or the whereabouts of a senior.

Junior Madi Lowe says “Driving gave me an anxiety attack especially when we kept getting trapped by Eli Taeoalii, we eventually had to drive over a curb to escape.” It’s definitely dynamic out in the streets especially when you have people who take the game in a more serious manner.  Some juniors are even sacrificing themselves as human shields to protect their senior friends from getting out.

It’s getting real out there so don’t forget your ammo and a shield or two to keep you safe.

***For all of those who are still in the game, look at the instagram that explains all of the rules about the upcoming Senior Week activities (@seniorsplash_2019)***

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