A Look Into Digital Learning

Jacey Brown, Writer

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Are you a student who learns at a different pace, or who wants to graduate early? If so, Murray has a class for you.
The digital learning lab is a new class to Murray High this year, a helpful addition to the new chromebook technology the school has welcomed. Students can take a handful of online courses such as English, Math, and Financial Literacy through Canvas to earn full credit at their own pace.
“It gives students an alternative way to learn and demonstrate their knowledge in a way that is different from what we’ve been used to,” says Ms. Newton, the teacher of the class. “Murray is actively expanding its options for students, and this program allows us to step away from the ‘one size fits all’ mentality.”
The classroom is casual and quiet, with students on computers perched everywhere, from the desks to the floor. It’s a colorful mixture of those who learn faster or slower, want to graduate early, or missed a semester or more of school and need to earn the original credit. It doesn’t cost any extra, and gives these students the opportunity to learn at their pace.
Along with this, a different attendance policy makes it possible for a student to learn wherever and whenever works best for them. As long as the student gets their absences excused, they can have as many as they need without earning a ‘U’ on their transcript.
“Because it is done digitally, it allows you the freedom to work at school, home, library, coffee shop, anywhere that has internet access,” says Newton.
This new addition to Murray’s list of classes has proven to be successful in students so far, both academically and emotionally, she says. “I think a benefit I have seen is watching students’ self esteem and confidence grow as they succeed and do well in these courses.”
The only qualities a student needs to take courses in the digital learning lab is resilience, self-motivation, and responsibility. If you think this would be a good fit for you next school year, make sure to stop by the counseling center and speak with your counselor about adding it to your schedule.

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