ESports Final Weeks for the Spring Major

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ESports Final Weeks for the Spring Major

Alex Hillard, Writer

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Overwatch, Rocket League, League of Legends and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The four teams are now preparing to finish the season with only one week left in the season.
The Overwatch team has one match left to play at the start of week 8, with the week 6 match being a forfeit for an automatic win for them, and heavy loss (0-2) in week 7. Week Eight to wrap up the season for Overwatch was a win by forfeit leaving their end of season record at (4-4), finishing even. They will not be playing in the play-offs this season as they only placed 29th out of 63 in the bracket. They didn’t make the top five cut of they playoffs.
Rocket League finished week 6 with another win for the record, but finished week seven with an unfortunate (3-1) loss, leaving the Rocket League team unlikely to make it to the playoffs at the end of week 7. Week 8 however was a forfeit win, leaving them with a (5-3) record at the end of the season. The final ranking for them was 11th out of 38th this season, not placing in the top five meaning they didn’t make it to the playoffs.
League of Legends has had a great time this week with a forfeit win in week 6 and a close (2-0) game in week 7 adding two wins to their record this week. In week 8 they had to forfeit the game, leaving their record at a (3-5) this season and a 49th placing out of the 78 teams. They didn’t make the top five cut of they playoffs.
The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate team is a solo base of scoring, so players are independent from each other. Our last undefeated player was beaten on the sixth week with the team record being (4-6) the first time they have had a negative record this season. Week 7 wasn’t any better with a crushing (2-8) record, leaving only three players able to make the top 42 player cut off for the play-offs,:Daniel ”Danoman47” Hart, Alexander “Synnless” Hilliard, and David “Gold” Barker. In the final week, the Smash Team had a (4-6) record, with three players going to the playoffs.
With the season over, the Esports team did well though only three players and no teams made it to the playoffs. They all played really hard and really well. They Spartan’s Esports team in is here to stay and they are ready to strike again in the playoffs.

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