The Least Progressive of Them All

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The Least Progressive of Them All

Helen Sullivan, Editor

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Many countries throughout Asia are progressive with the LGBT laws, same-sex “activity”. While many countries are progressive, quite a few have no anti discrimination laws, such as allowing people to change their legal gender, enlist in the military, and even basic recognition in their country.

The country of Brunei has recently passed a law which went into effect on March 31st which adultery and “homosexual acts” will be punishable by death.

This new penal code will allow those found guilty of these acts to be stoned to death. This new code is based off of Sharia Law which is a form of legal system outlining strict corporal punishment.

This strict form of punishment, which includes Britain new provisions, was quietly announced in 2014 in the small nation of Borneo in Southeast Asia.

The country has no intention on halting the law, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah even commented he “does not expect people to agree with it, but it would suffice if they just respect the nation.”

This new law has sparked an outrage throughout the world, and has resulted in many celebrities boycotting hotels owned by the sultan.

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