High School Senior from Paris takes on Utah

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High School Senior from Paris takes on Utah

Nnenna Eke-Ukoh, Writer

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Have you ever wanted to travel the world, or go to a foreign country and experience life? This bright young lady decided to pull up her big girl pants and just do it because she will never get the same opportunity again. Her name is Noémie Jalu and this is her story.

Jalu came from a family in Paris, France. She is the only child from her parents, but she does have two half sisters from her dad’s previous marriage. This indicates that Jalu is the youngest of the three children. She absolutely adores her family and wouldn’t trade them for anything. Her parents are flying all the way to Utah to see their little girl walk the stage at graduation with her fellow Spartans and she couldn’t be any more excited for that.

Everyone has a special talent; her talent is cheer. Before Jalu participated in the foreign exchange program, she was part of a cheer team in her hometown of Paris. The team is called Cheer Excess and she’s been a part of them for two years. Jalu says with a smile on her face, “They are my second family. Without them, I would be alone.” Powerful words from a powerful woman.

Last year in January, Jalu, her family and her cheer team experienced heartbreak. Jalu had torn her ACL. Now, she has recovered from her injury, but she says her knee still hurts. Jalu isn’t afraid to accomplish anything despite the surgery. Usually after surgery, others will psych themselves out so they won’t get hurt again. It’s a psychological fear, but it has never stopped Jalu from doing what she loves.

Jalu participated on the Murray High Cheer team and she loved it from the very beginning. She adored the idea that she was “praising the school” and that she was able to make friends easily from being on the team. Being on the high school cheer team pushed her out of her comfort zone. She commented that she was less shy and more outgoing because of the foreign exchange program, the Murray High Cheer team, and her newfound friends.

The foreign exchange program is a terrifying opportunity. High school age kids leave everything they know behind to experience a different kind of lifestyle for one whole year. These kids are still dependent on their parents, but this is also one of the greatest opportunities education has to offer. Jalu thinks this is an amazing program. She would love to stay in Utah and keep her new friends.

If she could do the program again, she would come back to the United States and probably visit Florida. If the United States wasn’t an option, she would visit New Zealand. She would never second guess the decision to stay in Murray. The only thing a student could choose regarding the foreign exchange program is the country. After that, they have no control on what state they go to. She was very glad she landed in Murray, Utah.

Jalu decided to participate in the program in the first place because she didn’t know what to do in college. When college comes, she would love to study medicine, but she hasn’t decided her career path yet. The foreign exchange program helped her gain experience that a lot of other students don’t have and she made a very wise choice!

While in Murray, Utah, Jalu had experienced heartbreak, love, friendships, and friendship problems, but she would never take her decisions back because she grew from them and was taught many lessons.

Mistakes are apart of life. No matter what happens, she will love everyone and every decision that she made. She will not forget any of this when she heads back to Paris in a few weeks.

We will miss you so much Noémie. Please come visit Utah again!

You are a Spartan and don’t you forget.

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