Game day in the library

Rashan Johnson, Writer

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Something new is happening in the library on Tuesday.  If you haven’t heard already Ms. Melia Fidel, a teacher-librarian at Murray High School,  has been hosting Game Day in the library. Game day is a time where students can go to the library and play board and card games, such as “Sorry” and “Magic.”

Fidel created Game Day  to show students that the library is just more than books.  She says, “It is a place to explore new things.” She believes that Game Day does that exact thing, by bringing students together that have similar interests.

If you want to go to Game Day you can either go during lunch or get a flex pass from Ms.Fidel on Tuesday.

A big reason that Game Day was able to happen was due to Hastur Games, a game store located on State St. in Midvale.  Hastur Games is a sponsor to game day and every few weeks they donate games to Ms. Fidel and the library, which means that the game collection in the library is growing, involving new and interesting games. 

Game Day was actually created at the end of last school year,  with the help of Mr. Bateman, a volunteer that used to come in every Tuesday to help run the event. 

Fidel is changing the reputation of the library and she hopes that the library can become more of a social space where students can come together to have fun outside of their busy school life, instead of just a place to check out books and do school work.

About 35-40 students that participate in Game Day and Fidel encourages more students to join in the fun. The library host so many other clubs and pretty soon a maker space, where students can focus on more stem based activities or technology and art.

So why not come on down to the library to come see what Game Day is about and all that the library has to offer.